Where it all started 20 years ago…

…it stared with curiosity and open mind towards music. I was just an 8th grade student who recently discovered a radio show called “Hipersebess√©g” or “Hiperspeed” on the broadcast of one of the local radio stations.
The music played in this show was so seductive to me that their actual sounds “haunted” me for two decades. I could not forget them and actualy I never wanted.
But there was big problem. Name of the tracks were mostly not mentioned or listed in the show and there was no music recognition apps like nowdays.
So I had to search a lot. During my travel around the word I visited record stores in Australia, United States, Switzerland and could managed to find some of the tracks on viny.

With the recent discovery of Inner City – Ahnonghay (Dave Clarke mix) I finally compiled a list of tracts that influenced me a lot back than.
Each of these tracks are making me happy whenever I listen to them so I hope this mix will bring joy to your life.

Track list:
Deviance – A Sea Of House
Inner City – Ahnonghay (Dave Clarke mix)
Dave Clarke -Southside
Thomas Bangalter – Ventura
Laidback Luke – Act The Fool
Sharp Boys – Sharp Tools 2
Ian Pooley – Chord Memory (Richard Benson Mix)
Jeff Mills – Captivater – Force Universelle EP
R Factors – Tilted Base
ONE IN A BILLION – Whisper Deep
Stonemaker – 9000 Miles

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