The techno music journey

By definition, journey means “a traveling from one place to another”.

An electronic music journey should aim to take us through a range of energy levels, emotions (and in case of techno, I would also add different soundscapes) and has at least 3 or more main chapters.

The “composer” of this journey is the DJ.

There are countess techno, underground techno mixes out there failing to take you to a journey. Just do a search on SoundCloud and you can see it for yourself! 

There are many reasons why they fail, but one of the most important is that they do not plan their sets. A techno journey should not be based on tracks, that matching musical keys.  You cannot just throw key matching tracks in the Traktor/Serato mixer one after the other. That is not DJ-ing, that is just some lame fame seeking attempt. Listening to same kind of tracks gets very boring after 10 minutes anyway...

By my definition, an underground techno set has the following main chapters (not always in this order):

There could be only one run-in and end chapter in the set, the rest can appear multiple times.

During the coming summer season I will be posting sample tracks for the different parts, so stay tuned to discover the depths of the real underground techno journey.


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