Techno Inspirations 007

I am back! Stopped posting since September last year, however I still cannot promise than I can keep my original posting shedule (one post a week), but I will do my best!

What is important for now is that I am finished with my 7th circle of habits! As a result I have four new paintings!

From these paintings - as usual - I created custom visualizations for the most inspiring techno tracks of the last few months. Track listing is below.

Track list:

NX1 - 024 (P.E.A.R.L remix)
Black Chrysalis Archives - Colony
Axling - 3SY1
P.E.A.R.L. - Body Arched II
JUDAΣ - Anathema III
Drop-E - Visual Cortex
Michel Lauriola - Opposition - Michel Lauriola
Progression (UK) - No 16
Kristopher Mørder - Alpha Template 03
Sanja Kelevra - Human Predatory
Matteo Cortese - Le cinque campane VII (Eric Fetcher Remix)
Dan Böhler - Ensemble
Røtter, DJ Saint Pierre - Second Chance IV (DJ Saint Pierre Remix)
Electrorites, Dolby D - Module 01 (David Meiser Remix)
Marla Singer - Covenant
Jonas Kopp - Where Physic Ends
Axkan - No God (Sintoma Remix)
Planetary Assault Systems - Random Kingdom
Damian Vargas - Miomantinae (Temudo & VIL Remix)
Echologist, The Automatic Message - High Noon (Fixeer Remix)

Want to hear and know more? Follow me on the journey to discover the artistic side of underground techno music!


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