Science fiction and TECHNO sounds

I am a sci-fi fan. Don’t have a favorite actor, rather I have favour for a speacial alligment of outer space sounds and movie realism when it comes to select a movie.
Therefore I like “Alien” type movies, but I don’t like “Start wars” type movies (and Independence day 2… the 1st one was actually funny in a way, that is why I still like it).

When I was an intern at Magyar Radio (Hungarian Radio station) I remember playing my own outer space tracks @Studio 22. Here is a sample below.

At that time a digital 5.1 surround mix system was really rare in Europe, even studio producers from England came to Studio 22 to mix their music.

Photo was taken during the instalation of the Solid State Logic mixer at Studio 22.


In my view, the best combination of underground TECHNO sound is created when these sci-fi, outer space or otherworldly music samples are combined with dirty percussions and with energetic grooves. Like most tracks in my latest audiovisual TECHNO mix. Watch it, listen to it! This mix is coming from my heart.

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