No WOW! artworks. A story of an honest misunderstanding

In the last few weeks I did not post regularly every weekend, like I did before and probably it will stay like this for a while now.

As you can guess, I am busy.

I am busy spreading the unique sound and story of the new underground techno culture in every way possible. As a result of this, I managed to get into two group art exhibitions, one in Rome the other one in New York City!

These achievements are really nice, but for what I am really proud for is the frame work/concept that I managed to “insert” these two exhibitions. These exhibitions are addressing the negative associations linked to modern electronic music and culture.

As a -big- part of my background activities, I apply for shows, interviews, live performances, professional reviews, etc...

On one of the review feedback I received lately, I got stuck and a got little bit upset.

I applied for a review of my artist website (to create better user experience for my audience) and it turned out that what I applied for was not a professional review of my website, but it was portfolio review for a contest! And get this, I got slammed the door in my face (and I paid for it)!

According to the US “art entrepreneur", who reviewed my portfolio, my art has no Wow factor going for it.

Very interesting I said, but I never ever aimed to create WOW art!

It is not the actual physical piece of art, that I am promoting. I am promoting a concept!

I do not create artworks for webshops, I create artworks because I use them as a medium to break cultural patterns. Eventually when it comes to selling my exhibited artworks, I prefer to give it to a person who actually believes in my cause.

It was an honest misunderstanding from my part that I applied for this competition and I hope it will not happen again! I learned my lesson.

I am not worried, that my art does not qualify as WOW! art, because I get a lot of positive (or even beyond positive) feedback on my Instagram account and for these feedbacks I am very grateful!


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