New performance available – Techno inspirations 006!

My latest audiovisual underground techno performance, that debuted on the amorphous AV FEST in the end of June, is now available on VIMEO and Soundcloud.

The following paintings were use to create the visual:

I would like to say many thanks to the reactionAV team for the opportunity to host my performance on the their festival and of course huge thanks for the genious techno producers who inpire me with their sounds 24/7!

Track list:

Pacius Elter - Conformal Predictions
Diego Amura - Automa (Jonas Kopp Remix)
Slam - Caveat
Jonas Kopp - Projections from Alcyone
Svarog - Utgard
Tadeo - The Whisperer
Tadeo - The Net (Abdulla Rashim Remix) 
Samuli Kemppi - Stories In BX
Anders Hellberg - Protocol
Shifted - Spires
Von Grall - Self Portrait Suspended
Invite - Mercer
Tensal - Specific Achievement 3
Eric Fetcher - Cray Blitz
Moddullar - Stare 
Uron - Hiperion (Endlec Remix V1)
Pushmann - Finder (H. Paul Remix)
Nobu - Spell
Moddullar - Error 0000 
Oisel - Sigma
Nørbak - Hara
Von Grall - End of Borders
Dj Surgeles - Wubbo Ockels


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