“Locked grooves” artwork series inspired by infinite vinyl loops

Do you remember for those vinyl records which had infinite loops aka “locked grooves”?


During your journey with vinyl records, have you ever came across one, that had infinite loops on it? Back then I used to own few hundreds of vinyl records, but only a couple of them had locked grooves. Techno producers like Jeff Mills often released vinyls with infinite loops.

So what is so cool about these loops?

I believe that producers aim to create full length tracks while working in the studio. Sometimes they produce a combination of sounds & beats only few second long that need no more work, meaning that you just replay that few second loop few hundred times and it sounds like your work is done with that particular track. If they would add more to that track (loop), they would ruin the music. The end result might sound minimalistic, but it does not matter.
You just put the turntable needle on the locked groove section of the vinyl, sit back and the journey starts. Sometimes this journey only takes 2-3 minutes, but I owned loops that I listened for hours without any headache caused by the monotone music.

A couple of months back I realized, that the same concept applies to my new artwork series called “Locked grooves”…

The first 6 pieces of my Locked grooves series.

For the Locked groove series, I use 30 x 40 cm (12″ by 16”) canvas and regardless their small size they tell you full story. When I look at them I literately hear the inspiring sounds.

In a nutshell, this is the short story of my new artwork series. I hope you like it!

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