Learned behaviors and techno music

I don’t have a black belt in behaviorism in psychology, but I read a few books on this topic few years before. I remember one simple experiment related to learned helplessness. You can read about this experiment on Wikipedia, I will not go into the details of it this time.

The key takeaway from this experiment that animals and even people learn wrong behaviors quickly. It is easy to associate techno music with drugs and violence when “well respected” people of the media world tells us in the news about drug abuse and deaths in night clubs. It is ridiculous that we still have to write and talk about this topic even in 2017!

If you are in a party where you look around and see that almost everybody is using it, than you are on the wrong place! The very same people you are surrounded with on this party will use it at home, at friend’s place or on a rock concert. It is a society problem and has nothing to with music. Drugs represent personal weakness and lack of purpose in life.

People blinded by wrong propaganda needs to be educated about techno culture and about all the positive things that are associated with it.

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