If Salvador Dali played underground techno, then Andy Warhol would play EDM

If Salvador Dali, who is best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work, were to represent underground techno music, than Andy Warhol , who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art, would represent EDM.


Just compare their most famous artworks.

Persistence of Memory, 1931 by Salvador Dali

A masterpiece not just painting technique wise, but regarding story telling as well. First you are not sure what is going on, but as you go to deeper levels with your interpretation, you realise that the artwork consumed you by drainign all your attention. It simply stimulates the brain. You can read different interpretations of this masterpiece here:  

The Marilyn Diptych,  1962 by Andy Warhol

On the other hand, we see a colorful representation of a famous celebrity from Andy Warhol. No deep meaning attached to the artwork, it can be consumed by anyone.  Our brain is not stimulated in this case.

I am not saying that one artist is better than the other, but for sure there is a huge difference in their audience.

On the techno side we have people who are looking for deeper meaning, want to discover hidden energies and want to hear a story.
On the EDM side we have people who does not really care about music, they just go with the trends, fashion and can be easily manipulated by pop culture and pop stars.


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