I was watching a music TV channel and I got sad

A few weeks before I had to go to a gym to do my circling exercise. As usual, I brought my earphones with me to listen to my selection of underground techno tracks. This well-equipped gym had LCD TVs on the wall in front of me, tuned to a famous music TV channel.

Unfortunately, I could not avoid looking at the screen. I was devastated by what I saw.
They were airing music clip about half naked woman, with almost bare asses doing strip bar dance (the ones you see in movies), while rich looking guys were throwing money at them and showing their hand guns. Ok, I said, this must be a stupid music clip. But no, the next one was almost the same and it just went on for an hour. Unbelievable I said.

So this is what consumers needs nowadays?  Big asses in their face? I don’t think so. What I think happens is that these so called “producers” wrapping their weak, low quality music in a “layer of asses”, just to detour the viewer’s focus from the music. These “producers” should do some 16+(or 18+) videos with background music, rather than music videos! I am not a prude guy, but these kind of video clips should be aired during the night on some soft-porn channel and should not be labeled as music videos, because in reality they have nothing to do with music.
Or maybe I am wrong and the World ran out of pure music lovers?


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