Hevesi Dániel Marcel (Hevesi is his family name) represents the new wave of underground techno culture to the contemporary fine art world.
He is interested in the converge of underground techno music and abstract, minimal art.
“The connection between abstract art and underground techno music was always there. They both live a life of an outlaw. Very misunderstood and not valued enough in a wider audience. They both belong to the underground. But this is all fine because, they are not for everyone.” Dániel says.

Among his well-known pieces are those that comprise his “Locked groove” series, in which he paints different techno sub-genre inspired artworks. Each piece of the “Locked groove” series created by using acrylic paint, small gravel, chalk and smaller sized canvas.
His methods characteristically involve both self-invited “water washed” techniques as well as techniques used by German contemporary abstract artists.
Dániel is from Miskolc, Hungary and lives in Budapest. He has a background in communication engineering and technical acoustics. He has been involved in the underground electronic music scene since 1996 and started painting in 2015.