From Berlin’s Berghain to Tokyo’s WOMB club. Underground techno scale


On one end of the scale we have the most (in)famous techno club Berhain, while on the other end we have one of the most high-end club in the world. The common side of both clubs is underground techno.

The difference is in the audience.

In the Berghain you mostly find  people who are looking for “Sex rooms, bondage dancers and 60 hour drug raves”

In the WOMB, people are looking for high quality sound system and quality looks.

And yet you find Berhain resident Marcel Dettman playing in both clubs.

Some says Berhain is the collest techno club on Earth. Well, define cool! Cool has no universal definition anymore. For some of us underground techno equals sex and drugs (cool things righ? at least for some of us...), but on the other side there people who actually go to listen to the music (very COOL!).

To which group do you belong to?


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