Females in the music industry

I haven’t seen anybody touching this sensitive subject out there, so here I come.
Let’s start by looking at some photos.

What are the similarities and differences among these photos?
Who is who, can you guess?

You believe it or not, all of them representing today's techno music in a way (not by my definition, but by their bio’s and the marketing sorrunding them).

I think the biggest question is, what a woman in bikini has anything to do with techno music?

I tell you, entirely nothing.

When I see these “bikini DJ” posts by “techno” Facebook pages, I get very upset. Why they want to trick us? Why they want men to fall in love with a female DJ's body and use it for a dirty marketing strategy? Shouldn't they concentrate on music instead?

On the opposite (positive) side, we have female artist like Monika Kruse (even though she used to be a photo model! ) or Deborah, who in some strange way manage to keep their clothes on and focus on music.

What does all this tell you? For me it tells, that bikini DJ's should probably leave playing music for music focused female DJs, because this how a music focused female DJ playes techno:

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