EDM is the fish and chips of electronic music

A few days ago, I watched the season closing episode of “The chef”. I really hate watching TV channels, but this episode of this series was for some reason attractive to watch. It is amazing to see that even simple looking dish is created with so much care, complexity and with artistic touch! It made me remember what kind trash foods I eat sometimes before and suddenly a question popped into my mind!

Is EDM the “fish and chips” of modern electronic music? Definitely, yes!


There are countless videos on Youtube on how to make an EDM song in under X minutes:

It is easy to make it and everybody is a potential consumer! Like in the case of fish and chips.

Now let’s see how real producers create electronic music:

Huge difference, right?
The amount of learning, patience and money these people invested in creating art cannot be ever compared to the fame chasing EDM DJs.

Please never confuse fish and chips and gourmet food!


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