Diamonds and dogs. Lifecycle of techno music and everything.

One basic rule of life is, that everything born and dies. Even a deposits of diamond, that was formed 150 kilometers below the surface where temperatures were at least 2000 degrees, slowly diminishes as jewel manufacturers cutting them into small pieces during their diamond processing. So no, diamonds are not forever.

Your dog, that made you laugh so many times, that you cared about so much, has a lifecycle.  In good case, she will be with you for 12-18 years. You might think that she is going to stick with you forever, but that is just wishful thinking.

Music, the creations of the mind, has it’s own lifecycle. Rock music that was born in the United States in the 1950s, living it’s golden age in late 60’ early 70’, is now suffering to stay alive.

Electronic music is still very young to determine where it is in it’s life circle, but for sure it is not a “new born baby”.  It has genres that grow up very quick and died at the age of 10, like drum and bass, but techno music is different.  Born in Detroit in the 1980’s and by now celebrated it’s renaissance multiple times. Why does not it go away like you bellowed dog?

I am not scientist, but based on my experience with underground techno music I can say that techno is inside us, it is part of human culture.

Roots of monotone techno music go back to the middle ages tribal Africa, where the sound of psychedelic tribal drumming was used to get people into the state of trance in order to enter the spirit world.

You can express or associate anger with music, like in case of most Ed Rush & Optical tracks (e.g. Bacteria, Glass eye) or joy, like in case of LTJ Bukem - Journey Inwards. But you cannot enter the spirit world with them.  The question is, does everybody need to enter the spirit world? No, certainly not. Not everyone needs this.

Techno is not going away any time soon. It might be fashionable for someone for a period of time, might like (or hate) it, because her brother/sister listens to it all the time , or you just like because it is part of you, it will stay with us for a long time period.

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